Code Of Conduct

  • Every student is required to keep the student’s dairy with him/her in the school.
  • Dairy should be maintained and kept properly in all respects. In case the diary is lost, a new one have to be purchased on payment.
  • Always get you parent’s / guardian’s signature whereon and whenever required. In case of default, you may not be allowed to sit in the class.
  • Note down all instructions regarding home work and class work in the diary.
  • Never leave the school or class without proper permission of school authorities.
  • Form of Disciplinary Measures
    The following shall be the disciplinary measured for students.
    • Fine
    • Expulsion
    • Rustication
  • Fine : Fine may be imposed on a student for the following:
    • Late attendance
    • Absence from class without proper application from the parent or Guardian.
    • Truancy.
    • Willful damage to school property.
    • Delay in payment of School fees and dues.
    • Amount of fines will be decided by the Principal.


Students expelled from the School will not be readmitted.


When a student is rusticated, he will not be admitted to the School till expiry of the period of rustication.